Frequently asked questions:


How does it work?

Bloomi menstrual panties are highly absorbent panties that serve as an ecological and much more comfortable alternative to sanitary pads or tampons. They are also a more secure, comfortable, and less invasive alternative to the menstrual cup.

The absorbent panel consists of 4 layers of material designed to ensure very high absorbency, security, a feeling of freshness, comfort in wearing, and no burns or irritations.

They are equally comfortable. Often even more comfortable than regular underwear.


Can I use the panties during a heavy period?

Of course! Menstrual panties are more absorbent than a sanitary pad or tampon.


Can I exercise in Bloomi menstrual panties?

Yes. Menstrual panties are perfect for people who play sports. They are well-fitted, comfortable, and very absorbent. So you can exercise without fear that something will shift or leak.


What about blood clots?

Menstrual panties work similarly to a regular sanitary pad. They will not absorb the blood clot itself but the moisture around it, so you won’t feel wetness or discomfort.


Is wearing menstrual panties hygienic?

Certainly. Bloomi menstrual panties are highly absorbent underwear that wicks away moisture, is free from unpleasant odors, and ensures freshness and dryness. You can wash menstrual panties in the washing machine without fear that bacteria will develop.


Does the blood in menstrual panties have no smell?

It does not. Bloomi menstrual panties are made from natural materials (except for the waterproof but breathable PUL) which ensure air circulation and thus prevent bacteria from multiplying.


Will there be no stains left on the underwear?

The material used to sew the panties is black. Additionally, after use, the panties should be rinsed in cold water, which removes blood stains.


What are Bloomi panties made of?

We used the highest quality materials to sew Bloomi menstrual panties.

Panties: 94% organic cotton, 6% elastane

Absorbent panel: 100% cotton, 100% bamboo, breathable PUL


How many Bloomi panties do I need?

To start, I recommend 3-4 pairs. Try them out, test them. However, to avoid having to run additional laundry in the meantime, 6 pairs will be sufficient.


Can I use them for urinary incontinence?

Yes, Bloomi panties also work well for urinary incontinence problems. They are very absorbent and discreet.


How to wash?

Washing is very simple. Before the first use, the panties should be washed. You can use them after the first wash, but they achieve optimal absorbency after 3-4 washes.

After use, rinse the panties in cold water to wash out a significant part of the blood. You can also place them in a bucket with cold water, then the blood will separate from the material on its own.

Hang them to dry until you put the laundry in with other items.

Washing at 40 degrees with detergent removes most bacteria. However, I know that some women care about washing at 60 degrees. Therefore, we tested washing at 60 degrees. Our panties are made of very good quality materials, PUL has already been tested in reusable diapers. You can wash at 60 degrees. However, then you must take into account faster color fading. There is no risk of mechanical damage, though.

It is best to wash in washing powder and not use fabric softeners, which reduce the absorbency of the panties. Panties can be dried in a tumble dryer on a delicate program, although it is best to hang dry, they will last longer.


Can I dry them in a tumble dryer?

It is best to hang the panties to dry. It is not only a gentler and cheaper way of drying but also more ecological. However, I realize that drying in a tumble dryer significantly facilitates life. So if you care about drying in a tumble dryer, don’t worry, you won’t damage anything. Use the delicate program.


If I wash clothes together with Bloomi menstrual panties, will the blood not dye the clothes?

No, it will not dye them; blood is not paint, your clothes are safe.


Why should I not use fabric softeners?

Because fabric softeners reduce the absorbency of the panties. They coat the fibers of the fabric and make the panties less absorbent. If you have been washing the panties in laundry liquids or using fabric softener until now, don’t worry. Just soak the panties in water with a bit of dishwashing liquid (ordinary, not balm) and after a few hours put them in the wash without adding washing powder, just water.


Do you have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us 🙂