Sylwia Bloomi owner

My name is Sylwia and I am the owner of Bloomi – brand of modern cloth diapers and menstrual panties, which will help you take care of our planet.



My journey started with cloth diapers. I came across them in 2012, just after our younger son came to world. It soon became clear that this little one suffers from sensitive skin and disposables caused skin irritations and rash and no cream was able to ease the pain. Then a friend of mine told me about cloth nappies and…. it was it! When we started using them skin problems ended.

I was so fascinated with this discovery that I began exploring the market and became a distributor of an American cloth diapers brand for Poland and Europe. It lasted almost 8 years during which my motivation to promote using cloth nappies evolved somewhat. Whilst at the beginning it was mainly the health aspect that counted, over time ecological reasons came into play, too.

In 2021, after some preparation stage, I felt I was ready to launch my own brand Bloomi, starting off from cloth diapers. A very positive reception led me to expand into healthy and environmentally friendly menstrual underwear.

I am sure that these steps were to a vital extent influenced by my move to Norway. Here I felt how important everyday contact with nature is for our health. Living in the vicinity of mountains, forests and the sea gives me incredible energy and happiness.

Sylwia Bloomi owner 2

I also realized that if we want our children to be able to take full advantage of the possibilities and charms of our planet, we must take more care of it now and pay more attention to, among other things, the amount of waste generated.

My mission with Bloomi is to support ecologically aware parents and women to stick to their beliefs and lifestyle. All this regardless if we are in a non-parental role or when baby is born, which is a revolution in the life of parents. as we have to re-arrange our daily rituals.

I offer products that make baby care and intimate hygiene healthy and at the same time environment-friendly. I believe that when we make conscious choices and our acting is consistent with our values, satisfaction is amazing!