Bloomi Comfort period underwear

Cotton menstrual panties for comfort lovers.

Main features are: medium height and high absorption. It is the best protection and comfort during your period! Our menstrual panties will provide you with support from morning to evening. The panties are sewn from organic cotton, which is ideal for sensitive skin. They have been designed to provide maximum comfort. The rubber does not squeeze and the back of the panties covers the entire buttocks. Soft piping and sewn-in absorbent insert ensure no chafing and confidence that your protection is in the right place.

You will forget that you have them on!

The panties have very high absorbency. This is ensured by the appropriate absorbent material and the width in the crotch. The combination of these two elements gives support and comfort from morning to evening, when you need it most. Very good quality cotton is pleasant to the touch and additionally allows washing the panties at 60 degrees.

The panties can be used during menstruation or with urinary incontinence, for cycling or horse riding.

Bloomi panties are made in Poland from fabric with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® certificate, being one of the leading safety marks. It is free from any harmful substances, has no negative impact on humans and is completely safe to use.

It is also certified by GOTS, i.e. Global Organic Textile Standard, which ensures that it does not contain harmful chemicals and that energy and water consumption has been reduced during production.

Bloomi Woman materials

Bloomi Comfort panties are available in two variants:

  • Classic: absorbent element in the crotch, like a classic night pad,
  • Night: in front like in the classic model, while at the back the absorbent element is long up to the rubber band in the waist.


Bloomi Comfort Classic:

Bloomi period panties classic front
Bloomi period panties classic back


Bloomi Comfort  Night:

The panties have the same construction as comfort classic at the front. They differ in the height of the absorbent element at the back. The absorbent element was discreetly sewn in at the back to the full height of the panties, to the rubber band in the waist. In front it is at the height of a regular pad. Ideal panties for night. Thanks to them you can be sure that they will not leak. 

Bloomi night front
Bloomi period panties night back

Bloomi menstrual underwear – sizes table

Bloomi menstrual pants size table

Bloomi menstrual pads

Reusable sanitary pads are a great alternative to disposable products such as pads or tampons. They are much more ecological, airy and do not cause burns. Additionally, in the long run it is a cheaper solution.

You can reach for them whenever you need it. You use, wash, dry and they are ready to use again.

Reusable sanitary pads are a convenient and durable solution that is much better for health and the environment than disposable substitutes.

You fasten reusable pads around your panties at the crotch, just like with disposable pads. The pads have two snaps that allow you to adjust the width of the clasp to the width of the underwear. The side with visible red stitching should be on the slope side. Label on the side of the panties.

Bloomi Woman reusable sanitary pads image